My social mining experience and how I was able to reach the top

It’s over 2 weeks now since I started with social mining. This article is dedicated to all people that are trying to mark their names in social mining. I will share all my knowledge and mistakes that I have made and more. SO STAY TUNED!

Chapter 1 -Rookie mistakes

  • When I first logged into the platform, I was not sure what am I doing or what is this about. I decided to post a few tweets and other stuff without reading any info what so ever about social mining. Guess what? I had to pay for my irresponsibility.

As you can see low-quality tweets backfired a lot, but what’s important, it’s not personal! People are not downvoting your stuff because of you, they are downvoting because of the low work that you put into it. After some time I realized that I don’t have to tweet daily to get top rankings, I will tell you more you don’t have to tweet at all. If you are not an influencer your 2 tweets per day will be just empty and stupid. In my perspective, people are focusing on twitter too much. Retweeting is okay, but tweeting forcibly is not good for you nor the project.

Chapter 2 -Slowly learning

After I took a few shots I started with some posts, I was the main meme maker in the telegram chat. All the people from there knew me as a funny guy. So I decided that I will share some memes.

As you can see this played out better, however, I need to point out that I posted more than 8 memes in that single tweet. If you are thinking that making 1 primitive meme and posting him over and over daily on the platform will get you rewards you might be surprised. I love memes, but what value does it really add? Don’t get me wrong I think memes are actually bringing value, but not as big as other things. This is why I think 1 post per week with 8–10 memes is enough for you and for the community. Otherwise, you might get downvoted.

Chapter 3 -The rise

After a few meme posts, quality tweets and other stuff I found myself around rank 30. To be honest, I thought this is my limit I can’t get higher, all I can do is a meme and after few posts, people started to upvote it more rarely and by all fairness, it was the correct call since I was adding just very little value. But then I realized I am not English I know 2 other languages! So I started to translate LTO medium posts.

In my opinion, this is the best way to add value if you have no idea how to start. It will benefit the community, project and of course you as well. You can post quality meme post, but don’t spam it. With translations, you have plenty of material to translate. You can do 1 per day freely.

Chapter 4 -Work is the only way

After a few days, I realized that I can’t reach the top ranking with stuff that I am doing. I was sitting pretty good, but I wanted more and the beauty with social mining is that if you want more, you can get it. You just need to work, work, work. I started with article writing. First time in my life. I wasn’t comfortable with it at all. English is not even my native language, but yet I tried and I rolled out my first article on my medium page.

As you can see it was not so bad not so good in terms of upvotes and also the article itself was not great not terrible. It’s important not to stop. Focus on your goal, not on the road that will take you there. So I started to write more and then my very simple article about social mining rolled out.

You can’t even believe how much satisfaction you can get if someone finds your work worth it. Soon after this my article gets shared by DAO MAKER the social mining creators, few important community members liked it and that was like a motivational bomb for me. I wanted to experience that feeling of success and hard work paying off again. After my 1st article, some people told me that it was too simple, that they want a more complex article and they were right. Don’t feel insulted if someone is constructively criticizing your work. They want to help you not to harm you or insult you. After 1 daybreak, I started to research social mining more. Reading, taking notes and also constantly asking the makers about their product.

Chapter 5 -You need to go beyond the platform

One thing that way in the back of my mind. Even tho that I got some upvotes, but my medium profile is not so popular so my article was opened only like 70 times. All the nice work in the platform is good, but as long as it stays only within the platform it’s not using 100% potential. 3rd article in my life and I am submitting it to Hackernoon. What can go wrong right? :D. To my surprise, it got accepted. Why? You don’t have to be an experienced writer if you want a good article. Let’s say an experienced writer can write a good article in 4 hours and for me, it was 3 days, but hey I made it. Once again the point is to work, work, work. If you think you are not good enough then DON’T THINK.

My hackernoon article reached top post and in case you don’t know you get a more extra reputation for top posts. Lesson Quality > Quantity.

Rather have one 1 000 point post than five 300 posts.

And since that post, I am just trying to give my best writing, also promoting Ferrum and LTO to some YouTubers texting them just trying, trying and trying if you fail it’s ok. You tried and that important.

My other article on another website


I am not saying to you that you all need to start writing articles. Not at all. What I am saying is that thanks to social mining I was able to motivate myself and step outside of my comfort zone. I tried writing articles and hey it worked. After my publications, a few projects offered me some money for articles and the stuff get rolling, but for you, it’s maybe video making, graphics or other unknown stuff that you are afraid to try. You just need to turn on this music close to your room door and start. Success will come and success is addicting.

Peace and bless you





SOCIAL MINING used by projects like 2KEY, LTO, FERRUM, and Harmony



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