How to stake DAO in the new DAO Vault

  1. Connect your wallet

3. Choose from the wallet you want to use

4. Your connected wallet will be highlighted in the top right corner

5. If the wallet is correct, you can proceed and click on Vaults

6. Scroll down and click “Research and Stake.”

7. Click Stake DAO

8. You can choose from 2 options.

  • DAO-USDC Staking (You can stake your LP)

Guidelines on how to stake your DAO-USDC:

9. Click Stake

10. Type the amount of DAO you want to stake or just press “MAX” to stake it all

11. Click Confirm

12. Uniswap Transaction will appear

13. Then you can click confirm

14. On the website, you will see “depositing tokens, please wait…”, don’t interact with the website and wait for the transaction to proceed. After the first transaction is done, you will see the 2nd transaction you need to finalize the process.

15. When the 2nd transaction appears, proceed with it as well

16. After the transaction is successful, the page will be refreshed, and you will see your staked balance on the website.

If you have any questions, please join:





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