How to join Infinity Pad airdrop

Following the biggest airdrop announcement of 2021, we are glad to provide our community with more details on joining Infinity Pad airdrop and being a part of the leading BSC launchpad.

Infinity Pad Research Page:

How is the reward calculated?

Your DAO staked + Your DAO staked as LP) / (total DAO + DAO in LP staked)

1. Qualifiers

Who is Eligible?

  • Single DAO stakers in V1 and V2

How to Stake DAO in the new Vault:

Who is NOT Eligible?

  • DAO-ETH LPs in V1

Due to fact that a large amount of DAO-ETH LPs still did not migrate to the new vault, we decided to give you 3 more days till the 2nd of July 21:59 PM UTC to do so. If you are still providing your liquidity in DAO-ETH pool in the old vault you have time till the 3rd of July to migrate to the new vault with DAO-USDC pool.

Unstaking from DAO-ETH LP will remain with 0% fee till the 2nd Of July 21:59 PM UTC

How to switch from DAO-ETH to DAO-USDC LPs:

2. Airdrop Distribution

  • 3% of total supply gets airdropped at TGE
  • 17% airdropped over a year starting at listing day

3. Snapshots

  • Snapshot will be taken randomly between July 3 — July 10
  • Unstaking during the snapshot time period would forfeit the airdrop
  • If you unstake your amount during the 3rd and 10th of July you will not be eligible for an airdrop
  • A slight adjustment in snapshot timeline is made to facilitate LP migrators

4. Longterm Airdrop

  • 17% of the IPAD total supply will be distributed over 1 year, starting from listing day
  • Qualifiers will be DAO and DAO LP stakers

Infinity Pad is the first launchpad built on the Chainmaker Kit, which is a white label version of the DAO Pad. All launchpads building on the Chainmaker offers 20% of their supply to DAO and DAO LP stakers.

The target is to have the Chainmaker power one launchpad on every major layer-1. Powered with our tested technology, managed and owned by a qualified team hungry for this opportunity. Several qualified teams are already under consideration for additional launchpads on the Chainmaker Kit.

DAO and DAO-USDC LP would have to remain staked for these too.

Infinity Pad:

DAO Maker:




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