Community Meme Contest - Voting

We are thrilled to have such an active community, we have seen great memes last week and we hope to keep that great streak further as we will announce more exciting things this week.

We have to choose a few best memes that you can vote for. We will reward the top 5 most voted memes with a reputation on the platform and reward in USDT.


TOP 1–0.3 rep + 50 USD

TOP 2–0.2 rep + 40 USD

TOP 3–0.2 rep + 30 USD

TOP 4–0.1 rep + 20 USD

TOP 5–0.1 rep + 10 USD

Chosen memes

You can vote for your favorite meme in our telegram poll.


by: CryptoRouna

by: martin_tr

by: pandunugroz

by: DiniTribroto

by: tianbuyung

by: CryptoBiker

by: Roeslan

by: Crypto_Chaser13


The results from the telegram poll will be closed on Sunday 5/24/20. Despite the meme competition is over you can still participate in other tasks or you can submit an entry on our community board and community members will evaluate your work by giving you points and reputation.

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The company uses its proprietary Social Mining technology to double their clients’ token utility and massively expand the community. The expert team then designs strategies for business growth, user onboarding, powerful token economics, and global marketing, executing most deliverables at rapid speed in order to accelerate clients’ footprint in the blockchain space and beyond.





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