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Communities are at the heart of all crypto projects. Recognizing this, the DAO Team decided to start a full transparency campaign and address the pending issues of our users, community, and token holders.

Yesterday we announced Venture Yield a new solution that will distribute the winning allocations to our users…

Update 1

  • DAO Pad is having a record-breaking Q3: the $55.2M staked on the platform stands to gain 600% compounded yield from SHOs.
  • This yield is improperly experienced because the platform is luck-centric.
  • To make sure every platform staker benefits from the success of SHOs and the massive yield generated on the…

Dear friends, users, and supporters of DAO Maker,

If you are one of the affected users of the recent exploit of the USDC pre-funding contract, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to you directly. …

The rapid expansion of the DAO Maker has posed several challenges to the ecosystem. These include turbulence in project onboarding and changes to company structure.

Regretfully, we must announce that in the early hours of August 12th (approx. …

Following the biggest airdrop announcement of 2021, we are glad to provide our community with more details on joining Infinity Pad airdrop and being a part of the leading BSC launchpad.

Infinity Pad Research Page:

How is the reward calculated?

Your DAO staked + Your DAO staked as LP)…

  1. Open
  2. Connect your wallet

3. Choose from the wallet you want to use

LP withdrawal fees are removed till the 30th of June 22:00pm UTC. The UI will state fees apply, but do not worry as no fee will apply.

DAO Vaults V2 are ready for action and to celebrate we are starting with a massive USDC DAO LP Incentive program!

DAO Staking on the old vault will continue providing DAO Power for 2 weeks but will then not be incentivized anymore in any way.

How to join the DAO — USDC Incentive Program

  1. Go to and click…

March 31st marked the end of our first official Growth Campaign. It is far from an exaggeration to declare it an utter and resounding Success! …

We are proud to announce that DAO Maker formed a strategic partnership with TRON, adding TRON projects to DAO Maker’s multi-investment platform, DAO Pad. Now, DAO holders can participate in SHOs of projects supported by TRON, making our fundraising solutions accessible to the TRON community.

With the new partnership with…

Starting from today DAO Maker will be hosting numerous events on its new DAO Pad. We are proud to see growing interest in each company that we fundraise, and we do care about every participant that wants to understand how the platform works.

Therefore we are issuing universal guidelines describing…

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